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Developing the Internet of Things (IoT) in low-carbon energy – University of Oxford

This an event not to miss if you are interested in IoT in the future energy system and how progress is being made to overcome barriers.

The move to low-carbon energy systems opens upopportunities for technologies and services based around the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is relevant to low-carbon energy generation, distribution and control, as well as for users in the provision of electricity, heat and mobility. A move to IoT presents challenges beyond technical innovation, in particular around data (quality, use, sharing etc.), education (familiarity within the energy sector) and new business models.

The event will showcase projects in the area of low-carbon energy for  the Pitch-In programme (Promoting the Internet of Things via Collaboration between HEIs and Industry). This has meant investigating the barriers that exist to the development of low-carbon energy applications and investigating methods to overcome these barriers.

The event will be chaired by Prof Malcolm McCulloch, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford and Pitch-In Energy theme lead: he will provide a keynote presentation of the importance of IoT in low-carbon energy systems.

Speakers include: Prof David Howey, University of Oxford, speaking about batteries and big data; Prof Dan Rogers, University of Oxford, talking about IoT-based microgrids; Prof Dan Gladwin, University of Sheffield, discussing a data-driven battery degradation; and Dr Avinash Vijay, University of Oxford, talking about an IoT-based local energy systems market.

Attendees will:

Gain an overview of the state of the art of IoT-based low-carbon energy systems.
Gain an understanding of current barriers to implementation and deployment, as well as future opportunities in the sector.
Gain a wider appreciation of the importance and nature of collaborations in this sector.
Have the opportunity to engage with key players in the UK low-carbon energy systems innovation ecosystem
Date: May 5, 2021
Start: 2:00 pm