Arc Universities

The Oxford to Cambridge Arc Universities Group builds on the spirit of collaboration that is already strong between the founding university members.

The Arc has been designated as a key economic priority by the Government, aiming to build on established strengths in knowledge-intensive sectors, science, technology, high-value manufacturing and innovation. We wish to listen to, and work with all stakeholders, both within the Arc area and beyond, and develop a collaborative approach.

The Arc, between Oxford, Milton Keynes and Cambridge, has been identified as an economic asset of international standing with potential for significant growth to the benefit of local communities and the country as a whole. Realising this potential will require new ways of working between business, local stakeholders and Government so that the benefits of growth can be delivered for local people and the country, while protecting and enhancing the natural environment. Ensuring that the advantages of development are delivered in a way which enhances sustainability and resilience will require major innovations in networked services such as transport, energy and water.

The Universities in the Arc are now working together as the Arc Universities Group.  Their combined turnover is £5bn and together they are responsible for nearly 20% of the UK’s innovation and spin out activity from Universities. The ten have organised themselves into a group and are being recognised in Government strategies for the Arc as the focal point for delivery of R&D and skills for the uplift in high-skilled jobs of the future.

With an already world class and vibrant research and entrepreneurial ecosystem and a need to provide pioneering solutions to underpin growth, science and innovation are at the heart of the Arc project.