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The Oxford to Cambridge pan-Regional Partnership has launched its new regional Data Observatory Portal, comprising a transparent, high-quality evidence base of the region.

Designed to provide investors with a database of local and regional information, the Observatory includes a range of economic and environmental evidence to help businesses make the case for, and attract, sustainable investment opportunities.

The Data Observatory is the first-of-its-kind for the region and will provide local partners with access to a growing collection of data and insights they can use when designing business cases and plans. It will also help investors understand the unique strengths of the area, from skills and qualifications, to its infrastructure and natural assets. The Portal will be enhanced and updated regularly with new data and insights in response to the needs of its users.

The data is brought to life through a series of interactive visualisations, ensuring the information is simple to navigate and interpret. Alongside this, the Partnership will provide an analyst support service to provide better insight of pan-regional trends on key indicators underpinning investment decisions.

The Data Observatory will support the aims of the region’s new global Investment Prospectus launched by the Partnership in May at this year’s UK Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum (UKREIIF). The Prospectus is a collaborative piece of work aimed at promoting the region to help partners in the area attract capital investment. Announced to a room packed full of investors from all corners of the globe, the Prospectus includes an initial suite of seven opportunities for investors including projects at Bicester Motion, Cambridge Biomedical Campus, and Green Horizons, part of the Science and Innovation Park in Luton.

Together, this suite of activity will help the Partnership promote the region on a national and international stage – driving growth and investment across the country.

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Download the region’s Global Investment Prospectus, visit

For more information about the Data Observatory Portal and to request analyst support, contact Arthur Le Geyt or Paolo Ferraro

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