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Anglia Ruskin University is working with NHS England to deliver the Clinical Entrepreneur Programme, which supports NHS staff to develop and scale-up their most innovative ideas.

Founded in 2016 by Professor Tony Young OBE, a practising NHS surgeon and Director of Medical Innovation at ARU, the Clinical Entrepreneur Programme has become the world’s largest workforce development programme for healthcare professionals. It is open to all clinical professionals in the NHS.

Clinicians work on the frontline, where the priority is healthcare delivery and patient care. But this can mean there’s limited opportunity to engage in medical innovation, to step back and consider how the latest technology can play a part in prevention, as well as treatment and cure. The Clinical Entrepreneur Programme gives clinicians that opportunity.

In just three years, the Clinical Entrepreneur Programme has helped more than 500 NHS clinicians gain the skills, knowledge and experience to transform the way health and care is delivered.

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