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Buckinghamshire New University has successfully secured funding for a research partnership with Bristol Airport as part of their Airport Carbon Transition (ACT) programme.

The fund will support a six-month project, taking place between April and September 2022, to undertake employee traveller and business stakeholder research, which will inform ongoing developments in the airport’s sustainable ground access plan.

The research aims to kickstart and fast track decarbonisation initiatives in the South West of England, focusing on Scope 3 initiatives from flight and other transport activity at Bristol Airport.

This project’s ultimate goals are to support carbon reduction and increase traveller satisfaction at the airport.

Professor David Warnock-Smith of BNU’s School of Aviation and Security will act as lead investigator on the project, working alongside James Shearman, Head of Sustainability at Bristol Airport.

Professor Warnock-Smith said:

“We are very much looking forward to working closely with Bristol Airport on its ambitious Airport Carbon Transition agenda, in the important area of employee ground access.


“This scheme builds on previous research carried out at both BNU and Bristol Airport, which explored employee travel habits and preferences across a range of sustainable access alternatives.”

This is the latest research project at BNU relating to conservation and sustainability, with various others ongoing, including a socio-economic valuation of climate impact chains and decarbonisation pathways in European islands.

In 2022, BNU also received a renewal in its ‘Gold award’ status, the highest accreditation by CSRA. The award is granted in recognition of the University’s commitment to sustainability both internally and in its research output.

Simon Earles, Sustainability & Corporate Affairs Director, Bristol Airport said:

“We are delighted to have partnered with Buckinghamshire New University and grant funding from the ACT programme to conduct research into our employee travel habits to and from the airport.

“We look forward to this piece of thought leadership and what practical recommendations it makes to enhance sustainable and active travel for all colleagues who are part of Team Bristol Airport and tackling emissions relating to these journeys.”

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