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Cranfield University is a launch signatory on a new environmental Concordat that has been produced in collaboration with representatives across the research and innovation sector so that the sector can deliver a shared ambition as part of meeting the global challenge.

The UK research and innovation (R&I) sector have co-developed a voluntary environmental sustainability concordat. The concordat represents a shared ambition for the UK to continue delivering cutting-edge research, but in a more environmentally responsible and sustainable way.

The aim of the concordat is to ensure research and innovation continues to play a critical part in understanding how our planet is changing, while helping the sector to act responsibly to protect and promote the environment.

By signing this concordat, signatories:

  • recognise the need to change how we conduct research and innovation as well as promote wider solutions
  • agree to take shared action now and in the future to reduce and eliminate our own negative environmental impacts and emissions and achieve the transition to sustainable practice

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