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Harwell Campus launched the Rise Together Space Initiative at the Satellite Applications Catapult Solutions Summit last month – the aim, to inspire, empower, connect sector pioneers, and provide practical insights and tools for accelerating inclusion in space and beyond.


As women leaders in space, from different backgrounds, the initiatives stands united in their commitment to fostering an inclusive landscape where barriers are broken down so that talent can thrive no matter where it comes from.

Despite progress made over recent years, the reality is that the space industry is not as diverse as it should be. Different perspectives are not just “nice to have”; they are absolutely critical. The Rise Together Initiative is a commitment to raising our voices and being proactive when given the opportunity to speak in a public forum about space.

Join the mission to ensure that more women and diverse talent join the ranks of future generations of aspiring astronauts, business leaders, engineers, scientists, and dreamers and see themselves represented on every level. Let’s work together to make space inclusive and diverse for all.

Find out about the alliance here.

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