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Local to Global is a regional initiative targeted at those entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s living and working within the Oxford to Cambridge region area wishing to improve their digital, modelling and visioning skills. 

The opportunity brings together all those committed to working collectively to strengthen our approach to combatting climate change through the use of geospatial modelling and engagement tools.

The initiative builds on an invitation extended by the International Geodesign Collaborative IGC to join The Global Climate Geodesign Challenge GCGC, a world-wide programme that makes a direct connection between a local programme and the bigger global picture and network.

Local to Global is setting up a local interest group to champion the initiative, to establish a stronger regional voice, and to work with regional stakeholders and decision makers to challenge climate change, and build a Regional Futures Vision based on this.

IGC is offering the local group extensive scientific and technological support including Esri and Geodesign hub software and training, both in the conceptual background to GCGC and in the technological approaches available, via a series of webinars and tutorials. For more information on the International Geodesign Collaborative IGC and The Global Climate Geodesign Challenge, visit


If you are interested in joining the local group or want to learn a little more about the programme please contact Stuart Turner



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