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UKCRIC, the integrated research capability underpinning the renewal, sustainment and improvement of infrastructure and cities across the UK, has launched a new prospectus looking specifically at the Oxford-Cambridge Arc.

Download the prospectus:UKCRIC and the Oxford Cambridge Arc

Founded by a collaboration of universities, including the University of Cambridge, Cranfield University, and the University of Oxford, UKCRIC works to consider infrastructure in a joined-up way, addressing the impacts that siloed planning can have on current and future infrastructure.

With considerable support from EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council), UKCRIC operates 15 cross-disciplinary infrastructure laboratory and urban observatory facilities. They are collecting, collating and curating large volumes of diverse data about current and proposed infrastructure. This data will enable policies, regulation, planning and capital investments and strategic, tactical and operational decisions to be made on the basis of evidence, analysis and innovation.

With no single geographical home, each academic partner leads a theme and contributes to others, creating a strong collaborative network with multiple centres and connections between them. This spreads the benefits across the UK and into teaching programmes throughout higher education in the UK and beyond.

UKCRIC is well placed to provide a range of contributions to those charged with realising the ambition of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc. Its collaborative operating model and convening power across multiple sites and establishments can mobilise world-class research to tackle both well defined engineering problems and the complex, systems-level challenges which emerge from the interdependencies which characterise many of our infrastructure systems. The research capacities and capabilities accessible through UKCRIC provide an important resource for the reshaping of our infrastructure systems so that they work for both people and planet.

Download the prospectus:UKCRIC and the Oxford Cambridge Arc


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