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Self-driving car developer Oxbotica has completed what it says is the first ‘safe and sustainable’ deployment of a zero-occupancy, fully autonomous vehicle on publicly accessible roads in Europe.

“Since being spun out of the University of Oxford in 2014, Oxbotica has grown from a small-time robotics firm to become one of the world’s leading autonomous driving software companies.”

Business Insider

Oxbotica said the all-electric AppliedEV vehicle is operating in Oxford with no on-board driver, marking the next step in commercialising AV technology.

The Oxford University spin out firm has collaborated with the wider autonomous vehicle ecosystem to ensure the trial was conducted in line with the UK Code of Practice 2019, BSI PAS 1881:2020 and PAS 1883:2020. The Code of Practice requires ‘a driver or operator, in or out of the vehicle, who is ready, able, and willing to resume control of the vehicle’.

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