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Aviation is on the cusp of a new technological revolution. Read the report showing how we can blend the capabilities of the Arc universities into one and re-imagine the future of aviation to meet the carbon neutral targets set by Government for 2050.

Download the report: Towards Sustainable Aviation report

Ranking third in the world, behind only the USA and China, the UK is a big player in the aerospace industry. Here in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, there is world-class capability and a tradition of deep collaboration.

Over the last 50 years we have introduced an aerospace and aviation sector that has brought travel to the masses. It has opened up the world’s economy. Now we are facing new challenges. This report shows our readiness to respond.

In the future, we will see new smaller aircraft, electric aircraft, hydrogen fuel cell aircraft. We will see air taxis travelling from one part of the region to another part of the region. But we will also see the development of new sustainable aviation fuel solutions for large commercial air transport aircraft. The report marks the beginning of an exciting journey for the Arc Universities.

Download the report: Towards Sustainable Aviation report

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