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A round-up of how the Universities are using technology in their response to COVID-19

OU researchers have received funding to research the role of wearable device technology and scientific and clinical expertise to create early biomarkers of coronavirus infection. The team has received £50,000 from Innovate UK to partner with MindSpire, an innovative start up focused on decoding and treating chronic stress.


Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a new app which will be used to collect data to develop machine learning algorithms that could detect whether a person is suffering from COVID-19 – based on the sound of their voice, their breathing and coughing. The COVID-19 Sounds App is currently available as a web app for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Cranfield University is hosting a digital sprint where scientists from across the world will collaborate to develop digital environmental tools that can help track, understand and predict the effects of COVID-19 and help lead to a greener post-pandemic future.