Arc Universities

At yesterday’s (10 March 2020) Westminster Forum Projects event looking at the importance of Local Enterprise Partnerships in delivering regional growth, Alistair Lomax chaired a session and spoke about the 5 S’s of the Arc Universities Group.

Sustainability: Arc has expertise to respond to big global issues on climate change and zero carbon economy, using Arc as demonstrator. Green Arc. 

Speed: need for overhaul of technology transfer process. Flexibility in funding. Taking risks. Promoting collaboration

Support: need to join up business support across funder partners, universities, catapult and networks, government and LEPs. Create a joined up environment. 

Systems: Arc research and capability can positively influence connectivity of systems, both assets and infrastructure. 

Cross-sectoral: the Arc is where we can break down silos and bring capabilities and technologies from different sectors together to resolve global issues. 

Later this month we will be launching our first baseline research papers – sharing the current activity and opportunities for greater collaboration across the ten Arc universities across entrepreneurship, skills, the environment, space and aerospace – it is through these core five S words that we will ultimately generate the biggest S of all – SUCCESS!