Arc Universities

The University of Bedfordshire, together with the Open University and University of Northampton, has co-launched online workshops to help support the local and regional economy during Covid-19.

The three Arc Universities have been running a series of online workshops since the start of May. From start-up entrepreneur to well-established corporation, privately owned SME, public or non-profit organisation, businesses have been working together through the current challenges as lockdown moves towards new working practices.

Sessions have covered crisis management, grants, changing business models and access to financial support during COVID-19 and beyond. There have also been demonstrations of new technologies as well as discussions about the new cybersecurity risks that may arise as companies rely on remote working.

Once the workshops are completed, the Alphas programme offers companies access to a bespoke mix of services, dependant on their business needs. Whether it is a 1-2-1 consultancy with an academic expert, support with short term resourcing or an opportunity to apply for a grant. You can sign up to the Post-Covid-19 Business Support Workshops by registering your interest here: