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In partnership with Luton Council, the University of Bedfordshire recently hosted the Luton Enterprise Event, bringing together a range of speakers and experts to offer insight and guidance for those considering starting their own businesses.

Hosted on the Luton campus by the Research & Innovation Service (RIS), this event was part of the University and Council’s new Civic Agreement. It gave guidance and tips to individuals on their journey to entrepreneurship through a series of interesting keynote speakers ranging from entrepreneurs to industry experts, all providing guidance and advice based on their own career experiences.

Speakers at this event included academics and staff from the University, including members of the on-campus Careers and Employability team and Luton Council’s Martin Stein – Programme Manager for Skills & Employability.

The event was also co-hosted by Wayne Cartmel, an alumnus of the University of Bedfordshire who benefitted from the guidance and support offered by RIS in his journey to launching a successful company, MyNewTerm. Last year, Wayne spoke openly on the University’s ‘Bits of Beds’ podcast about how the support he received enabled him to make his business dreams a reality, as well as providing work experience and job opportunities to other Bedfordshire graduates.

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