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The University of Northampton mirrored the COP26 climate change summit with a week of environmental action on campus, between Monday 1 and Friday 5 November.


Industry and organisations attending included the Environment Agency, Anglian Water, life sciences company Horiba, the RSPB and Woodland Trust. Community groups were also invited, including a litter picking group and a climate change action group. Academics from the University spent the week blogging on issues around climate change, and presenting their research.

Event organiser, Energy Officer, Danielle Bird, said:

“We felt COP26 was a really good opportunity for the University to promote the issues around climate change and sustainability for both our students and staff. I know most people are aware of climate change, but what we really want to do is to make it more relatable to people here in Northampton.”

The event covered by ITV – watch here:

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