Arc Universities

We are creating a knowledge intensive ARC that will link the regions around our universities.

With a firm focus on current and future strength, we will together unleash our collective capacity and dynamism. By creating a living laboratory of latest technologies, sustainable development and modern ways of working, we will champion the Arc and the four pillars of its success.



Our four pillars

Creating a highly flexible and motivated workforce through innovation, research and skills development

  • Expanding innovation infrastructure to generate high-growth potential and spin-out ventures
  • Developing partnerships with industry throughout the Arc region
  • Working with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to boost skills and enterprise through business advice and practical support
  • Coordinated knowledge exchange programmes to engage directly with SMEs and big business
  • Funding support and networking events focused on business growth.

Acting as ‘nucleation’ sites for a network of innovation centres to foster lifelong learning and a healthy, vibrant lifestyle

  • Investment in innovation infrastructure and access to public learning spaces
  • Bringing the infrastructure, planning and engineering capability to bear on the Arc
  • A focus on social impact, providing opportunities, engagement with schools and
    placements for students
  • Outreach events bringing together young entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Transport systems and big data driving connectivity, change and improvement for all

  • Improving the data infrastructure to support citizen innovation in smart cities.
  • Embracing the transport solutions of the future
  • Collaboration through real-world social, cultural, scientific and economic impact
  • Embracing change and readiness for our supply chain to increase future logistics capacity
  • Transforming the use and application of artificial intelligence, generating new jobs and spin-out companies
  • Using the greater connectivity between people and our institutions to tackle global issues from climate change to mental health.

Bringing the skills in our Universities to bear on the Arc environment and on the climate change agenda and looking after the impact we all have on sustainable growth

  • Creating well-designed, well-connected new communities
  • Collaboration through innovation and the creation of Living Labs across the region
  • Collaborating to develop and accelerate means of addressing climate change and environmental net gain through research
  • Respecting the natural environment while creating vibrant places to live, work, study and play.