Arc Universities

The Arc for Space initiative, launched in Summer 2022, is already making great progress to deliver sustainability for the planet, as well as economic impact for the UK, through world-class collaborative innovations in space technology. 

Having undertaken a soft launch at Westcott Expo in July 2022, which followed the creation of a new web presence at, the formal project launch will take place at Innovate UK’s Arc Festival of Innovation on December 8th 2022

Key activity over the last few months has included:

  • Progress made on the development of the Digital Twin Earth project with core project team and potential industry partners now identified and a kick off meeting being coordinated. This is being led by Cranfield University in collaboration with Oxford University, Open University, Cambridge University and Atkins
  • Secured 6-month funding from STFC Impact Acceleration Account to undertake a pilot study
  • Secured 15-month funding from the UKSA for a Lunar ISRU (In-Situ Resource Utilisation) project, which has been shortlisted for a Research Excellence Award in the people’s choice category (Awaiting results)
  • Confirmed meetings with LEPs, Westcott, Harwell and Silverstone to involve them in the supercluster

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