Arc Universities

The Arc Universities Group held a dinner, hosted by Cranfield University, with members of the five organisations working collaboratively on regional development: East West Rail, England’s Economic Heartland, Oxford to Cambridge Pan-Regional Partnership, and the Oxford-Cambridge Supercluster Board, with Henri Murison, CEO of the Northern Powerhouse, as after dinner speaker.

The event underscored the significance of collaboration, celebrating partnerships to drive the region forward, working towards a legacy of sustainable innovation, community development, and environmental preservation

In a welcome address by Cranfield’s Chief Executive and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Karen Holford, she emphasised the pivotal role of skills development in elevating regional aspirations, with Professor Alistair Fitt, Chair of AUG sharing a tribute to the late Professor Sir Peter Gregson, highlighting his influential role in AUG’s formation.

After dinner, Henri Murison shared his experience of regional economic development as CEO of the Northern Powerhouse. Peter Horrocks reflected on Henri’s speech, adding that this region also needs the cohesion of the Northern Powerhouse – with the 5 organisation able to go further and faster together. Regional growth is a long-term project requiring commitment and strategic vision.

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