Arc Universities

Following the success of the inaugural Student Panel back in 2022, we have launched another Panel for 2024, bringing together ten students from diverse backgrounds convened to delve into pressing regional and global themes Led by former panelist dr Winifred Soribe, the activity will culminate in a Student Summit, hosted by the University of Bedfordshire on 5 November 2024.

The inaugural fireside chat for the 2024 cohort set an inspiring tone. The students met Samuel Dada, a Ph.D. student in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge and a member of the original student panel cohort from 2022. 

Reflecting on his journey since the 2022 panel, Samuel emphasised the profound impact of the experience on both his academic and professional trajectory. Currently engaged in internships at life science organisations in Cambridge, Samuel credited the panel for broadening his perspective and enhancing his skill set. “It was great to be part of something greater than your own research,” Samuel remarked, highlighting the invaluable connections forged and the personal growth witnessed among peers.

Central to Samuel’s message was the idea that the experience is what one makes of it. He stressed the importance of active engagement, asserting, “You get out what you put in.” Samuel’s passion for sustainability and recycling, nurtured during the panel discussions, has reverberated across the university, influencing practices in labs across Cambridge.

As the fireside chat ignited excitement and anticipation for future discussions, Samuel’s energy and enthusiasm was contagious. His story serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaborative platforms like the Arc Universities Group. 

Looking ahead, the 2024 cohort is poised to continue this legacy, with forthcoming discussions and fireside chats culminating in the Summit in November.