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The purchase of DAFNI-funded hardware is enabling the Oxford Programme for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (OPSIS) at University of Oxford to visualise modelling results, including satellite imagery and future scenarios, at very high resolution.

OPSIS purchased a set of interactive large screens for its new visualisation suite with investment from the Data & Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure (DAFNI) hardware fund.

OPSIS is part of the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford and provides research and education to enable sustainable and resilient infrastructure. The group is at the forefront of methodologies for analysing infrastructure systems (energy, transport, water and telecommunications) and their interactions with the natural environment, people and the economy.

We use the DAFNI hardware for visualising and communicating the results from our infrastructure systems analysis. Having recently moved to a new office space, OPSIS now have a room dedicated to our visualisation tools and we can use the equipment when we invite research partners to visualise the outputs.

Using a series of interactive screens, we can visualise and demonstrate different tools and software, together with big data sets, on the screens. This is a considerable improvement from our previous one small smart screen, which prevented us from visualising results at large scales and high resolution.

Professor Jim Hall leads OPSIS, and explains,

“At OPSIS we aim to improve decision-making by providing evidence and tools to analyse infrastructure systems’ resilience, explore possible futures and plot out pathways to sustainability. The new visualisation equipment funded by DAFNI helps us to scrutinise the results and communicate them to our research partners and within the group.”

In addition to use by OPSIS, the room will also be made available for use by other research groups in the Environmental Change Institute at University of Oxford, for interactive decision-making sessions.

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