Arc Universities

With Secretary of State Rt Hon Michael Gove MP confirming support for the establishment of an Oxford to Cambridge Pan Regional Partnership, a group of leaders from local government, Local Enterprise Partnerships, the Arc Universities Group and England’s Economic Heartland have launched a information website for the Partnership.

This new website aims to provide clarity around the Partnership – a place for the Partnership to host information, agendas and meeting notes from the Shadow Board discussions and ensure transparency of information.

The Partnership’s role will be to champion the region as a world leader of innovation and business, acting to achieve environmentally sustainable and inclusive growth. It will strengthen cross-boundary collaboration among its partners to focus on tackling the issues that matter to the people who live and work in the region.

Chair of the Shadow Board, Cllr Barry Wood said,

“We believe that by working together the whole Oxford to Cambridge region can be greater than the sum of its parts. With official status as a Pan-Regional Partnership backed by government, we can unlock
potential and further strengthen our area’s position as a hub of innovation; a globally recognised region of science and technology that delivers prosperity for our communities. It will enable us to better achieve inclusive and sustainable outcomes for residents, business and the environment.”


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