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Oxford University spinout, Quantum Dice, believes it has the answer to a question that has troubled the data encryption industry for decades.

The protection of personal information and login credentials relies on the random generation of numbers to encrypt sensitive data. Quantum Dice has been set up by former Oxford University students from a variety of scientific disciplines. It’s developing it’s innovative, self certifying Quantum Random Number Gernerating (ORNG) device using light to create unrepeatable encryption keys.

It is the result of the Student Entrepreneurs’ Programme (StEP), where the University provides access to its technology exchange partner, Oxford University Innovation (OUI), working alongside investors at Oxford Science Enterprises (OxSciences), and the Said Business School.

Since winning the prize, Quantum Dice went on to secure £2m in seed investment by the summer of 2021. Half of this came from an Innovate UK grant and the other half through venture capital, most notably from IP Group, Elaia Partners and the UK Innovation and Sciences Seed fund managed by Midven.

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