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The Oxford to Cambridge Partnership (OCP) has announced the appointment of ekosgen to develop a compelling value proposition for the Oxford to Cambridge region, in a bid to attract greater global investment into the UK.

The Oxford to Cambridge Partnership brings together leaders from local authorities, universities, local enterprise partnerships, and England’s Economic Heartland, the group responsible for the area’s sub-national transport programme.

Lord Dominic Johnson, the UK Government’s Investment Minister joined Oxford to Cambridge Partnership representatives for the announcement at this year’s UK Real Estate, Investment and Infrastructure Forum in Leeds.  Delegates from across the UK and overseas heard about the Partnership’s plans to position the Oxford-Cambridge area as a global hub of science and technology, and world leader in innovation and business.

ekosgen will work across the Partnership and with the Department for Business Trade to engage with the region’s stakeholders to create a digital investment atlas of projects and strategic collaborations within the Oxford to Cambridge region to match with prospective investors. This initiative will unlock private sector investment to drive the regions innovation-led economy, underpinned by environmentally sustainable and inclusive development.

In his enthusiastic address, Investment Minister, Lord Johnson emphasised the importance of partnership among government, industry and universities. He said

“international investors want to invest in the UK, and that’s because of our people and skills, the intellectual capability and international capital we hold in our minds.”

Reconfirming the government’s intention to create a science and technology superpower, the Minister said

“the desire is for the Oxford to Cambridge region to be as successful and as strong as it can be and, that the universities’ intellectual property is developed as best as possible.”

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